Commercial Alarm Systems

Peace of mind comes with a professionally installed commercial alarm system from Advance Alarms. 24/7, 365 days a year we keep your business, employees, and property safe. You can even manage your entire system, including lights, door locks, thermostats, and video right from your smart phone. A complete security system from Advance Alarms gives you control of your business’s security.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Your security, our priority.

Commercial Alarm System Monitoring

Stronger Security

Today’s cellular alarm systems are far more advanced than the traditional systems that used phone lines. By taking advantage of technological advances in commercial alarm monitoring, your business is more secure and allows you more information and control.

Protect and manage your business

Advance Alarm’s built-in cellular technology allows you to simply send a text message to your security system. Send a text to:

  • Turn your system on or off
  • Control lights and thermostats
  • Lock or unlock doors

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Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

More than just a security system

Commercial Alarm System

We know how criminals think, so you don’t have to.

Advance Alarms commercial alarm systems are specifically designed to provide your business with the most effective protection based on the layout of your building, key entry and exit points, and designated “hot spots” like safe locations, key equipment storage, and data rooms.

  • Helps protect against robbery and unauthorized entry
  • Reduces insurance premiums by up to 20%
  • Environmental monitoring of critical conditions such as high & low temperatures and water damage
  • Chime notification of entry and exit points
Commercial Alarm System Phones

Remote System Control

Control your security system from wherever you are

  • Turn the system on or off
  • Use the Virtual Keypad™ App to take total remote control of your system

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Commercial Fire Systems

When fire strikes, there isn’t a second to waste

Commercial Alarm System Fire

The safety of your business  is dependent on your commercial fire system.

Advance Alarms installs customized detection and alert systems that sense heat or smoke and instantly notifies us to send help as well as warn you and your employees of the situation.

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Access Control Systems

Access Control includes alarm management

Commercial Alarm System Access Control

Remember when a good lock was all you had to keep your facility safe?

Now you can control who has access to your business from the comfort of your couch at home. An access control system from Advance Alarms integrates all of your systems into one.

It’s never been easier to create and view reports that show which individuals have been accessing your facility, and at what times. You can even see which entrances and exits they used. This capability increases your ability to effectively manage your facility.

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Commercial Surveillance Systems

Control made easy with wireless IP cameras

Commercial Alarm System Surveillance

Mobile Control via the Virtual Keypad App

  • Seven schedule per camera
  • Record & review video clips
  • Up to six camera views
  • Monitor employees & other sensitive areas

You can view up to six cameras, inside or outside your facility, right from your smart phone. It’s easy and gives you peace of mind.

Monitor your business’s entrance, loading area, or lounge. You can see who is there and make sure that employees are on-task.

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